Professional Equipment

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Our trailers and our open air booths are furnished with state of the art equipment to include touchscreen monitors. (so you are able to check yourself out before your photo's are taken) Our photo lab quality printers print out your awesome photos just seconds after they are taken for you and your guests to take home and enjoy.

Unique Back Drops

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We love creating unique back drops that help make your event special. Choose from sequined fabric, vintage doors, lounge settings, chalkboard wall, teepees, hedge wall, etc...



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Step right inside one of our 3 unique trailers that we have to choose from. A total blast from the past!! Each one has taken on their own unique personalty. They are here to help promote that overall feeling that you are looking to convey to your guests. Not only will your guests love to take photos inside one of our campers, but they will get a kick out of the selfie stations to cigar lounges that we can set up outside of the trailers for your family and friends to enjoy while waiting in line!

Trailer Gypsies offers a unique experience with our photobooths by mixing modern elements with vintage style! The features listed below set us apart and   help us to create memories of your event that will last a lifetime. Check out our PACKAGES or create your own! CONTACT US  Book your photo booth today!

Unlimited Photos

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We want your family and friends to walk away satisfied that's why we offer you and your guests unlimited  trips to the photo booth with photo strips for everyone



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We offer open air photobooths to those of you wanting  a standard setup, something  on a smaller scale. We have 2 custom built photo stands to choose from; one has modern style and is all white, the other was built out of a 1930's radio for that touch of vintage charm. Both are equipped with 23" touchscreen monitors and state of the art printers. You can choose one of our many vignettes from our Touched by Time collection to be used as a unique backdrop for your event.

Selfie Station

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We love creating scenes in front of the trailer for your guests to relax, chat, or take selfies prior to entering the photobooth!

Photo Album

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Picture this... It is the end of your event and all your guests are heading home and you don't want the day to end. It is at that exact moment that our attendant hands you a fun filled photobooth album of captured moments of your closest friends and family. It is the perfect way to re-live these special moments while glancing though the pages of your photo book time and time again.


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Awesome selection of "Sassy to Classy" props to choose from! All of our packages include props for free!  Featuring one of a kind vintage items like frames, telephones, faux fur wraps, umbrellas, fans, and more! We also have everything you would expect in a photobooth like fun hats, silly glasses, masks, boas, hand signs this list goes on and on!! Our props are always clean, in good condition, and ready to use.